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Hi Everyone,


After considerable analysis and numerous discussions it is with Great Sadness that after Seven plus years we are no longer going to be holding our Monthly Saturday Night Dances.The attendance numbers have been going down steadily and that is one of the major reasons we've come to this decision. Sue and I are also gong to be traveling more and enjoying more of life. We will be still Dancing and Teaching both in and out of State. We cannot thank all of our faithful dancers for you support over the years.
See you on the floor,
Bill And Sue



Bill Gibson 
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Bill Gibson: Bill has been line and partner dancing for almost 20 years. Music has always been in his blood. He played in bands through school and into his adult life. Once he found line dancing he was "hooked". The route Bill chose was Pattern Partner Dancing. Usually performed around the outside of the "line" dance floor in a counter clockwise direction. As Bill progressed he considered competing in 2 Step. Through the years he did compete and was one of the better 2 steppers in our area, haven taking lessons from some of the top instructors in the world. His competitions has taken him all over the US where he always placed respectively. Once he stopped competing he decided to give teaching a go. Early in 2000 he started AMBR productions and became a DJ/Instmctor in Saugus that provided dancers a place to dance several times a week as well as offering lessons both in Line and Pattern Partner dancing. This program ended several years ago. Bill is a licensed instructor through BMI, ASCAP, ACA and the NTA. Today, Bill maintains private lessons as well as hosting a monthly dance at Billy-Bob's located upstairs at the Claddagh Pub in Lawrence, Ma and works with Bob Grundy promoting Line Dance in the Merrimack Valley doing demos and private parties.

Bob Grundy: Bob Grundy has always enjoyed some form of dance but in the early 1990's he found "line dance". Right from the beginning he was hooked. He started as an associate working with Ed Blaine who, at the time, was one of the best line instructors for "beginners". When Ed decided to retire the position was offered to Bob and he naturally jumped at the chance to teach beginners. In the meantime Bob was holding classes in the Western mountains of Maine doing weekly classes and a once a month "country night". Once the White Buffalo closed Bob added another weekly night of dancing for those that were not beginners. From Mondays the dancers would progress to Tuesday. Then several years ago the Haverhill, Ma. Elks contacted Bob about doing Wednesday night there. No problem he said. That ended his trips north to Maine. An opening for a dj/instructor at the Irish American Club in Billedca added one more night to Bobs list of venues. He likes to call each of "his" nights niche nights. Each one being different, allowing all levels of dancers a "night". Bob has also taught at the Merrimac Senior Center for several years and fills in for his friend Michelle Jackson at Tequilas Bar and Grill in Danvers. Bob is also a licensed instructor through BM1, ASCAP and the ACA and he works with Bill Gibson promoting dance in the Merrimack Valley.

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